Working at Joy Living

Working at Joy Living

Working at Joy Living requires knowledge, skills and competencies of the individual employee. Our employees are naturally focused on collaboration, with residents, clients, stakeholders and colleagues. This collaboration enables us to achieve common results, with short- and long-term customer interests central.

We believe that autism is not a defect. We work from one simple principle: when you offer someone with autism a safe base, it ensures a happier and more stable life. This is reflected in our mission, vision and core values. Joy Living's five core values: involvement, safety, development, goal-oriented and collaboration, guide our actions. Our team offers the best individual guidance for our residents and clients. Employees are ambassadors of our organization and actively participate in (local) networks and activities. This requires employees with a personality that is recognisably 'actively focused on others' and who carefully weigh up risks and results when carrying out work, with the aim of increasing and maintaining customer confidence.

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At Joy Living we encourage our employees to continue to grow. This is reflected in our job structure and the classification of the jobs. Many of the positions in our organization are divided into two or three levels (levels 1, 2 and 3). Each level has a duration of 12 months and varies in knowledge, experience and skills.

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