the biggest challenge for people with autism is the idea that people around them think they understand, including care providers as,

Marcha Stam - Director


About Joy Living

Joy Living was founded in 2014 with the aim of providing integrated care and guidance to people with autism. We are now the specialist in supporting people with autism in Protected Living, Protected Home and outpatient initiatives from the age of 14. We distinguish ourselves by acting based on knowledge and experience with safety as a fundamental basis.

We know what it's like to live with autism. What it's like to have a full head. How important safety is and that one fabric does not fit comfortably. What it is like to have to survive in a world that is not made for people with autism. But the most important thing we know is that when you offer someone with autism a safe base, it ensures a happier and more stable life and that they can rise far above themselves.

Joy Living: live the way you want in a safe and homely environment. With like-minded people and together with personal, specialist guidance who helps you, speaks your language and thinks along to create all the conditions to develop yourself as you wish. This in the form of a cozy “home”, where everyone can just be themselves.

You know what's so great about Joy Living? Our team is there every day to do what we love. We can inspire people to do things that inspire them. It's the most fantastic thing to be able to do. The best part about it is finding out how many different ways we can achieve that. You should come by and see for yourself.

Our approach:

At Joy Living we understand that every person is unique and needs individualized care and support. That's why we offer a range of services including housing, guidance and day care, all tailored to the unique needs of each individual. We work closely with families, communities and other support organizations to ensure everyone gets the care they need to succeed.

Knowledge in the field of autism is very limited in the Netherlands. People with a solid CV including extensive experience in this area also appear to have a lot to learn in practice. Since there is no targeted training in the field of autism guidance, Joy Living uses its own training program under the name Joy Academy. A practice-oriented training, which is fully integrated within the first 2 years of employment at Joy Living. With this, Joy Living creates a highly skilled group of employees who are truly specialized in autism and we address the first 3 facets of safety: Somebody, System and Situation.

In addition to offering safety in the form of structure, preparation and clarity, sensory stimuli are a major source of overstimulation. Joy Living has created the LowSense project for this purpose. We transform our current locations into a quiet and neutral environment with a low sensitive impact in order to achieve basic Space safety. From smooth floors and walls to unambiguous furniture and sound-absorbing spaces.

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